Psychopathic Authoritarianism and the Covidian Cult It has Created, by Joseph Sansone

Covid has revealed that there are a lot of people out there who like to give orders, and more disturbingly, a much greater number who like to obey. From Joseph Sansone at

Imagine a new line of automobiles called The Safety Car which is designed to prevent motor vehicular death. The Safety Car has resulted in 12,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries (these numbers may be severely underreported) and also may increase the severity of impacts in the event of an auto accident. Now imagine that instead of recalling this faulty vehicle, elements of your government and the media, are blaming you for the injuries and deaths resulting from this Safety Car, and are openly talking about forcing you to buy this automobile, and if you refuse, deny you the right to buy food, work and leave your home. And even put you in a camp with others that did not buy this Safety Car.

This is the situation that exists in America. We are in the midst of a human made catastrophe. We have witnessed the systematic brainwashing of more people than ever before in history. Members of the Covidian cult will simply disregard the evidence and cling more rigidly to their emotionalized beliefs. They will continue to repeat what they have been told. Pervasive repetition and the irrational fear of death, as well as guilt, coupled with censorship of opposing data and medical views, have been used to manipulate and control. Science with censorship, is not science. Still, shocking people out of their slumber may yet be possible.

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