The Battle of the Censors, by James Rickard

The US has two options: heavy censorship favored by social media, or the even heavier censorship favored by the government. We know which option will win. From James Rickards at

wo sides are attacking free speech, but their arguments are so irrational they end up attacking each other. On one side are Facebook, Google, and the Google-owned YouTube channel. All three have engaged in censorship and suppression of free speech and open debate about the pandemic and vaccines.

Legitimate questions are squashed, and treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, cannot be mentioned without the risk of being banned from social media.

On the other side is the Biden administration, which also wants to ban discussion of alternate treatments and completely block any information that raises concerns about so-called COVID “vaccines.”

If social media and the Biden administration both favor censorship, what could they be arguing about?

It turns out that Biden is criticizing Facebook and Google for not censoring enough. Even though social media has squashed legitimate questions and debate, the Biden administration says they should do even more to block “misinformation.”

Of course, what Biden calls “misinformation” is actually legitimate information that Americans should be able to see. Here are some facts…

“Misinformation?” — or Information?

The COVID vaccines have not been approved by the FDA; (they are administered under an Emergency Temporary Standard, ETS). COVID “vaccines” are not true vaccines in the legal or historical sense because they do not prevent the disease; they simply reduce the response to the disease.

The COVID “vaccines” are experimental gene modification treatments that permanently alter certain gene production functions. How many vaxxed people understand that?

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