20 Years Of War In Afghanistan Has Cost US Taxpayers Over $2.2 Trillion, by Tyler Durden

Afghanistan cost the US $2.2 trillion, including $88 billion to train the Afghan army that is folding like a cheap suit. That’s not to mention US and Afghan blood spilled, and the humiliation the US has suffered. Think anyone will be called to account for the disaster or made to pay a price for it? Not a chance. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Just a reminder that as the D.C. think tank pundit class of chicken-hawk keyboard warriors and armchair interventionistas who helped get the US into this unnecessary ‘forever war’ in the first place writhe in frustration and pain while beholding from afar the American Empire in rapid retreat in Afghanistan, the US has wasted literally trillions over years propping up a government that now appears to barely be putting up a fight.

“From its start in 2001 through April 2021, the war in Afghanistan has cost U.S. taxpayers approximately $2.261 trillion, according to estimates earlier this year from the Costs of War Project at Brown University,” Fox News reviews of the disturbingly high figures. All that as the US public now sits back and witnesses US-trained Afghan forces retreat “without a bullet being fired”

And further as a number of veterans and independent analysts are now pointing out: “The Pentagon spent $88 billion dollars training the Afghan Army for 20 years It collapsed in 1 month.” It remains that “Not one general or politician will face consequences for this.”

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