Pfizer Jab Receives Full Approval From FDA, Pentagon Mandates Vaccinations For All Troops, by Tyler Durden

Those who refuse the vaccines will no longer be able to cite that none of them have been FDA approved. There is no way the FDA should approve any of them, based on their safety and efficacy records, but now they’ve okayed Pfizer’s. Which means if you really believe that governments and their various corporate henchpeople have no right to violate your individual right to control your own body and cannot make you take a demonstrably dangerous vaccine, you’re undoubtedly going to bear significant personal costs, like quitting your job when your employer demands the shot. By Tyler Durden at

Update (1100ET): The Pentagon’s press secretary has just confirmed that – as expected – the DoD will now require all troops across the armed services to get the vaccine.

Troops who refuse the vaccine could face “disciplinary” measures, including being dragged in front of a military tribunal that would mete out punishment. Commanders have several options for dealing with troops who refuse mandatory COVID-19 vaccines including issuing them a letter of reprimand or taking other administrative action; using nonjudicial punishment to push them to get vaccinated; referring troops to an administrative separation board for failure to obey an order, or even referring service members to courts-martial, which has already happened in the past when some troops refused to get vaccinated for Anthrax.

“We have every expectation that once the vaccines are made mandatory the troops are going to do the right thing,” Kirby told reporters at a Pentagon news conference a few weeks ago. “But, without speaking to the future, it’s treated, certainly, like any lawful order, and there could be administrative and disciplinary repercussions for failing to obey that order.”

The DoD also make sure that service members who have reservations about getting a COVID-19 vaccine are “properly counseled” about the risks to their personal health and their unit’s readiness that could arise from them refusing the jab, and that commanders have a “range of tools” to pressure troops to comply.

“Commanders have a range of tools, short of using the UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice] available to them to try to help individuals make the right decisions,” Kirby added.

Similar mandates are expected in the private sector as well, with companies like Wal-Mart, along with thousands of smaller businesses, expected to require proof of vaccination for all workers.

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