Australian town executes rescue dogs… because of COVID, by Simon Black

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Woke, pro-mask pediatricians censor their own research

For years, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has stressed the importance of visual cues in childhood development.

In other words, young children develop language skills by seeing facial expressions in the adults they’re interacting with; when mommy smiles, it helps the child understand the words that she’s using, and that contributes heavily to overall language development.

The AAP had even published significant research on the topic, underscoring how critical it was for children to be able to see facial expressions.

But then COVID came along…

… and suddenly the “science” changed.

Over the last few weeks, the AAP has completely reversed itself, almost in 1984 style.

In a recent Twitter blitz, the AAP stated that “[t]here are no studies to support this concern” that, if adults wear facemasks when speaking to children, their language development would be harmed.

Amazing. After years of publishing the exact studies they’re talking about— that visual cues and facial expressions are critical to a child’s language development, suddenly the AAP claims there are no studies.

They even went as far as scrubbing their own website and DELETING THEIR OWN RESEARCH!

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