Overpaid, Insecure, And Unintelligent — This Is Who You Leave Your Kids With And Who Most Kids Will Therefore Emulate, by Allan Stevo

If you have children in public schools, read the following and perhaps think about home schooling, if you can swing it. From Allan Stevo at lewrockwell.com:

There is a fascinating trend taking place among parents.

They are starting to realize who they are leaving their children in the hands of.

Sure there have always been PTA meetings and parent teacher conferences. There have been open houses and days for parents to come in and volunteer at school. There have been sports leagues and field trips and volunteer activities for you to see a teacher in action and to see how they are at their job and as a person. But if there wasn’t genuine philosophical conflict, there was no way to truly feel them out.

2020 and 2021 made that possible.

Suddenly you found out that if you wanted your kid to breathe freely, you were evil. If you did not want your kid to be a science experiment, you were deserving of arrest and imprisonment — not a fit parent. If you wanted your kid to have face-to-face class, rather than staring at a screen for 80% of his waking day, then you were anti-social.

Yes, I know, plenty of readers of these pages had those realizations before 2020. But for the normies among us, 2020 was a real gift, and in a lot of ways.

It suddenly became obvious to parents in the days and weeks before a Zoom-based circulum became the norm, that doing classwork at the kitchen table with your kids didn’t take 6, 7, or 8 hours, but was more like 90 or 120 or maybe 150 minutes of effort. What were the teachers doing with all the rest of the time then?

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