The Ramping Up of Medical Terror and Totalitarian ‘Covid’ Measures, by Gary D. Barnett

As SLL has said from the very beginning: Covid has never been about medicine and science; it’s always been about control and power. From Gary D. Barnett, who was definitely sounding the alarm early on, at

“I don’t believe in government. I hate politics. I’m against it. And I hope that sometime this fall, we can destroy part of our government, and next year destroy even more of it. The less government, the happier I will be.”

~ Ray Bradbury, interview With Rachel Goldstein, August 23, 2010.

Without rulers, there would be no totalitarian rule. There would be no lockdowns. There would be no mandates. There would be no forced medical martial law. There would be no forced isolation. There would be no theft by taxation. There would be no unlimited printing of money to enrich the evil and to bribe the proletariat. There would be no fake ‘virus pandemic.’ There would be much less death and destruction. With government out of the way, there would be joy and happiness instead of hatred and tyranny. Government is a cult, and in all its forms evil, so any lessening of government could only mean a lessening of evil.

As predicted, the temporary calm of the summer is over, and as fall approaches, so does more tyranny in the form of oppression, threats, mandates, and extreme fear mongering propaganda. The ‘Covid’ lie continues, but with renewed vigor and vehement authoritarian control measures being planned and implemented nationwide.

This is especially evident in the realm of what is ludicrously called ‘health care’ in the most obese and one of the unhealthiest developed nations on earth. We live in a fascist/socialistic system in which most every citizen falsely ‘believes’ that he has a right to ‘free’ medical care. While this thinking is absurd, it is due to many decades of indoctrination, ‘health’ dependency legislation, and control by the few and their pawns in government, the medical system, the private and government insurance companies, including the communistic Medicare and Medicaid scams. Most of society is fully dependent on the state in one manner or another for most all medical services. This dependence has effectively made slaves of its citizens.

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