On Child Vaccines, the Experts Are Suddenly Reluctant to Follow ‘The Science’, by Jonathan Cook

The relevant science in the whole Covid affair has been the sciences of psychological control and totalitarianism. From Jonathan Cook at unz.com:

In some of these blogs I have been trying to gently highlight what should be a very obvious fact: that “the science” we are being constantly told to follow is not quite as scientific as is being claimed.

That is inevitable in the context of a new virus about which much is still not known. And it is all the more so given that our main response to the pandemic – vaccination – while being a relatively effective tool against the worst disease outcomes is nonetheless an exceedingly blunt one. Vaccines are the epitome of the one-size-fits-all approach of modern medicine.

Into the void between our scientific knowledge and our fear of mortality has rushed politics. It is a refusal to admit that “the science” is necessarily compromised by political and commercial considerations that has led to an increasingly polarised – and unreasonable – confrontation between what have become two sides of the Covid divide. Doubt and curiosity have been squeezed out by the bogus certainties of each faction.

All of this has been underscored by the latest decision of the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation, the British government’s official advisory body on vaccinations. Unexpectedly, it has defied political pressure and demurred, for the time being at least, on extending the vaccination programme to children aged between 12 and 15.

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One response to “On Child Vaccines, the Experts Are Suddenly Reluctant to Follow ‘The Science’, by Jonathan Cook

  1. The Burning Platform has a 2+ min interview with Vladimir Kvachkov = Ex Russian Intelligence officer who connects the dots on the COVID scandemic.


    Note: There is also a link to the rest of the interview in the article.


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