Does the US Have Political Prisoners? by Jared Taylor

By any honest assessment, the January 6 prisoners are political prisoners. From Jared Taylor at

How about the Jan. 6 defendants?

This video is available on BitChute, Brighteon, and Odysee.

This Saturday, there will be a rally near the US Capitol to protest the harsh treatment of the people arrested after the January 6th riot. It’s called “Justice for J6,” and a couple of congressional candidates are scheduled to speak.

The head of the Capitol Police is terrified. He has borrowed state of the art “threat monitoring” cameras from the Defense Department that operate day and night.

That big eyeball can turn in any direction and focus close up or far away.

They’ll have these things all over the place, taking super hi-res pictures of everyone there.

There will be a big, black fence around the Capitol to protect it.

The palace of democracy will be behind bars. The Capitol Police will be on high alert with every man on deck.

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