Mobility in Bidet’s UnAmerica, by Eric Peters

There is no more potent enabler of freedom than one’s car. That’s why the elites hate your car (but not there’s). By Eric Peters at

It is not an accident that gas prices have gone up by $1 since the beginning of this year – since the beginning of the Bidet regime. By next year, gas prices are likely to be $2 higher than they were before the president selected was absentee-ballotted into office.

Or more.

This is necessary – in order to push the public into the electric cars being mandated into mass production by the same government that is mandating (via regulations) non-electric cars out of production.

But the problem remains.

Electric cars suck. Money and time. While they may be appealing to affluent people who live in cities and close to cities, where the EV’s abbreviated range is a non-issue, people who live farther out do have to worry about how far they can go – as well as how much it will cost.

There are still millions of non-electric cars in the hands of such people and these will continue to serve as an end-run around “electrification” for decades to come. And as a kind of control group, making all-too-apparent the EV’s gimps.

Unless, of course, it becomes impossibly expensive to fuel them.

And now you understand why gas prices are rising.

This is the other half of the pincer enveloping personal mobility in what was – less than a year ago  – still more or less America. Gasoline is being made artificially expensive via government-induced scarcity, achieved by curtailing production and distribution via regulations and various federal fiats, such as the cancellation of pipelines and leases on government-owned property where there is plenty of oil that is to be left purposely unused.

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