Frontline Doctors on Overcoming the Pharmacy Blockade of Ivermectin, by Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

A little repetitive but a good resource on how to get your Ivermectin prescription filled. From the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance at

How We Got Here:

  1. FDA tweets a joke about Americans using a “horse drug”
  2. Exaggerated reports of calls to poison control centers
  3. False reports of animal product overdoses filling ER’s
  4. CDC issues bulletin emphasizing ivermectin is not approved for COVID-19
  • NOTE: NIH remains silent
  1. State Departments of Health issue warnings to licensed doctors
  2. Pharmacies and individual pharmacists refuse to fill valid COVID-19 early treatment prescriptions
  3. Despite these concerted actions – TOTAL PRESCRIPTIONS CONTINUE TO RISE IN THE U.S!

THE 5 LIES: “I cannot fill your prescription…

  1. due to corporate policy
  2. because we are out of stock”
  3. because we cannot order more”
  4. because it is not FDA approved for COVID-19”
  5. because I refuse to put my license on the line”


  1. NO CORPORATE POLICY exists against filling ivermectin by Walgreens, CVS, or Rite-Aid
  • NO POLICY exists for major grocery/pharmacies: Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco
  1. NO NATIONAL SUPPLY SHORTAGE in the United States at this time
  2. VERY FEW CIRCUMSTANCES where a pharmacy/pharmacist cannot obtain a supply of ivermectin within 24-48 hours of ordering
  3. FDA APPROVAL for COVID-19 is NOT REQUIRED to prescribe ivermectin off-label – in fact, 20% of all prescriptions written in the U.S. are off-label
  4. VERY FEW U.S STATES allow pharmacists to refuse to fill a valid prescription

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