Remember When it was Just Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet? by Eric Peters

If employers can compel employees to vaccinate, is there anything they can’t force them to do? From Eric Peters at

If you oppose forcing people to submit to medical procedures that may injure or even kill them – or simply oppose forcing anyone to submit to any medical procedure, period – then you might want to consider not buying any vehicle made by General Motors.

This once-upon-a-time car company seems to believe it is become a hospital ward – and we are all patients. That it has the right to make employment conditional upon acceptance of company policies requiring all employees to submit to any medical procedure the corporation’s muckety-mucks decree they must submit to.

Mark the italics.

If it is accepted that GM – if any company – can make employment conditional upon submitting to a “vaccination” it will have set the precedent for requiring employees to submit to medical procedures, generally.

If the justification is accepted for mandatory submission to “vaccinations” then the justification has already been accepted for mandatory submission to health checkups, psychiatric evaluations, the mandatory answering of probing questions into one’s personal affairs – as any such thing can be asserted by control freaks to present a potential risk to the “health” of employees and thus, GM – any employer – is entitled to know and to impose whatever it decides to be necessary as regards such things.

As the condition of being allowed to work.

It will no longer be – ask your doctor. It will be – go see the doctor. And – do as the doctor says.  Period.

Take whatever meds he says you must take. Submit to any procedure he says is “necessary.” Answer all of his questions. These to inevitably include questions regarding whether you own any firearms – which the same Leftists pushing the Jab also have already defined as a matter of  . . . “public health.”

Else find another job.

People are fools if they do not grasp this.

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