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Marines “Crushed” By Vax Mandate As “Thousands” Denied Religious Exemptions In “Political Purge”, by Tyler Durden

We certainly want the Marines stocked with a lot of spineless jellyfish who accept the vaccines without protest and whose immune systems are under attack from multiple rounds. Especially if the administration gets its idiotic war against Russia, China, or both. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Days ago it was first revealed that despite the Department of Defense offering a “religious exemption” as part of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate across all military branches, not a single one has yet to be approved – at a time at least 169 Marines were already discharged for their refusal to receive the shot.

A new investigative report by Fox News finds that multiple “thousands” of Marines are still set to be processed out over the mandate, and that the corps’ “best and brightest” are being “crushed” by the Biden vaccine order. “Marines are allowed to apply for a religious exemption, but so far not a single application regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter, has been approved, a Marine Corps spokesman told Fox News.”

For this reason the mandate is being likened to a “political purge” – which has seen a “blanket denial” of all formal requests for religious exemptions. In recent days official Marine Corps statements have underscored no exemptions are being given out, yet supposedly these are being considered on a case by case basis.

Line of Marines at Camp Hansen in Japan waiting to receive the vaccine, Getty Images.

As of late last week, the Marine Corps confirmed that not a single religious exemption request has yet to be approved. It was further confirmed that at least a few thousand could be discharged based on the exemption denial:

Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Ryan Bruce told Fox News that as of Thursday, 3,080 of the 3,192 requests for religious accommodation concerning the COVID-19 vaccine mandate had been processed and zero had been approved, adding that “no religious accommodations have been approved for any other vaccine in the past seven years.” 

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Diaper Report 12/15/21, by Eric Peters

Want to spread Covid and its variants? Vaxx up! From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

The supermarket chain Kroger was one of the few places where those “not of the body” – to use a reference from an episode of the classic Star Trek TV series – could shop without practicing the strange rituals required by Landru (second Star Trek reference) to show they were, indeed, “of the body.”

Specifically, the wearing of the Chin Speedo that has become the uniform of those who are “of the body” – who practice the strange rituals required by the real Landru, the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

I was cast out of other supermarkets, most notably Earth Fare – which was extremely “of the body.” Even after the Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia, Ralph “Coonman” Northam, rescinded the decree requiring the various rites be performed as a condition of being allowed to shop, Earth Fare remained militantly vigilant, siccing novitiates (“employees”) upon any apostate (“customer,” in former times) who dared to enter the temple of Landru/Fauci without a speedo over their facial ballsack.

But Kroger was better.

Exemplary, even.

At the height of the worst, the most it did was post an indifferent novitiate at the entrance, who would proffer the Chin Speedo in a very mildly mannered manner to those not “of the body.” A simple No, Thanks to the poor teenager sufficed.

You were left alone after that.

I – and a few other apostates – were free to shop, among those “of the body.”

Often, I was the only person in the store not “of the body.” It was an unsettling, almost deja vu experience – if deja vu applies to feeling as though you were once a member of the Enterprise away party that visited the strange planet where Landru ruled.

But the vacant – yet hostile – eyes of those “of the body” were real enough.

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Dr. Fauci and Biden are Medical Hypocrites and a Political Disgrace, by Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Who is and isn’t required to vaccinate has been a political, not a medical determination, although Biden and Fauci try to pretend otherwise. From Mike “Mish” Shedlock at mishtalk.com:

Among the key reasons for mistrust of vaccinations are outright lies and excuses by Biden and his alleged experts coupled with medical and political hypocrisy.

National Institute Fauci - From Vidio Clip Yahoo!No Tests for Illegal Immigrants 

On September 20, the White House Defends Not Requiring Negative COVID Tests From Illegal Migrants.

The rationale is an amazing political lie. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the refugees are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”


Reporters pressed Psaki as to why there are so many steps pertaining to COVID-19 when flying into the country, such as providing vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19 test, but seemingly none for those who walk across the border.

The intention is for them to be quarantined. That is our process, they’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time, I don’t think it’s the same thing. It’s not the same thing,” responded Psaki.

Mandatory Vaccinations or Tests for US Citizens 

On November 4, the White House Fact Sheet announced Details of Two Major Vaccination Policies

First, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is announcing the details of a requirement for employers with 100 or more employees to ensure each of their workers is fully vaccinated or tests for COVID-19 on at least a weekly basis. The OSHA rule will also require that these employers provide paid-time for employees to get vaccinated, and ensure all unvaccinated workers wear a face mask in the workplace. OSHA has a strong 50-year record of requiring employers to take common sense actions to prevent workers from getting sick or injured on the job. This rule will cover 84 million employees.

Second, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) at the Department of Health and Human Services is announcing the details of its requirement that health care workers at facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid are fully vaccinated. The rule applies to more than 17 million workers at approximately 76,000 health care facilities, including hospitals and long-term care facilities.

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Are They Stupid – or Just Bought? By Eric Peters

They’re stupid, bought, and evil. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos:

CNN’s Jim Cramer has joined the chorus of idiots – or worse – demanding that the Biden Thing impose needles at bayonet-point, “by, say, January first.”

His argument?

“With the new Omicron variant sweeping the globe” . . .  just in time! . . . “how do we put an end to this pandemic and save lives and get business back to normal . . . ?”

“Simple,” the man says – his cadences slowing to the word-by-word form one uses when lecturing the stupid: ” . . .(T)he federal government needs to require vaccines, including booster shots, for everyone in America.”

The “vaccines” that have proven not to immunize anyone but which were hard-sold at “warp speed” to people desperate enough (after two years of psychological torture at the hands of very sick people such as Dr. Fauci and his minions) to take a chance on them, having been told they would prevent them (and others) from getting this sickness? As opposed to merely lessening the symptoms of it? And not preventing them from getting or giving it?

The same “vaccines” that were hard-sold as being “95 percent effective” that we now know aren’t even 50 percent “effective”? But which have proved to be far more “effective” than any combination of prior vaccines – that actually immunized – at maiming and killing people?

More such jabs – or else?

This sick man urges “the military (to) run it.”

Italics added.

Picture it. Armored personnel carriers coming to every neighborhood; people locked in their homes. Body-armored troops kicking in doors and – inevitably – shooting American citizens to death who attempt to defend their homes, themselves and their families against American Einsatzgruppen cleansing the “unclean.”

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German MPs to decide on compulsory Covid jabs ‘by end of year’, from thelocal

Germany’s new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, wants to force everyone to get ineffective and dangerous vaccines whether they like or not. This is pure evil. From thelocal.de:

Soon-to-be German Chancellor Olaf Scholz speaks at a recent SPD youth wing event.

Soon-to-be German Chancellor Olaf Scholz speaks at a recent SPD youth wing event. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Frank Rumpenhorst
Germany on Tuesday inched closer to mandatory coronavirus vaccines after incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz said they were necessary to contain a fierce fourth wave of the pandemic.

Following crisis talks with acting Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of Germany’s 16 states, Scholz said he wanted parliament to vote on the matter before the end of the year.

“Too many people have not got vaccinated,” Scholz told Bild television. Making jabs compulsory is justified “to protect us all”.

The compulsory vaccinations should be in force “in the beginning of February or March so we must move quickly now,” Scholz said, promising that lawmakers would be allowed to vote according to their conscience.

Generally, MPs are expected to vote with their parties on key issues, but with ethically sensitive issues, exceptions can be made to allow parliamentarians to be guided by their conscience alone.

In the meeting, Scholz had signalled his personal support for such a measure.

He said he was “aware that there were cross-party debates” among lawmakers about making the vaccine compulsory, a source said.

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Germany Falls Completely to Davos, by Tom Luongo

Germany, judging by history and now current events, has no problem throwing in with tyranny. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

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As Harvard Study Reveals Limits of Mandatory Vaccine Regime, Joe Biden Should Let Americans Decide Their Own Fate, by Robert Bridge

If there’s no link between vaccinations and Covid cases, why are the civil liberties of the nonvaccinated being shredded? From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

It would be wise to heed the words from the Harvard team at a time when society is being increasingly divided between two warring camps.

As millions of U.S. workers are about to be made redundant in the wake of the Biden administration’s harsh vaccine mandate, a recent study by Harvard University, which appears to show no discernable link between people fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases, deserves a second look.

By all indications, there is a Cateogy-5 socio-economic hurricane barreling down on the United States, yet few people – least of all in the legacy media – are willing to talk about. Possibly as early as next week, U.S. companies with a workforce of 100 or more will be forced to ensure that its employees are vaccinated or regularly tested. Aside from forcing many companies to close their doors forever, the mandate is expected to affect the lives of some 80 million Americans, many of whom will opt to drop out of the workforce rather than be forced to submit to a medical intervention.

This week, the issue came to a head as Southwest Airlines was forced to back down on its demand that employees be vaccinated by December 8th as thousands of airline workers – including pilots, mechanics and crew members- went on sick leave simultaneously in a ‘silent strike’ against the mandate. The concerted labor action, which the mainstream media went to great pains to conceal, resulted in the cancellation of thousands of flights.

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The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated, by Pedro Gonzales

Do the Covid commissars have any empathy for the people they are depriving of their livelihoods? To ask the question is to answer it. From Pedro Gonzales at chroniclesmagazine.org:

Zac Spolar found himself running around in a frenzy amid the COVID-19 surge in December, tending to three or four patients at once and laboring late into the night at a Los Angeles hospital. The hardest part of the job, he said, was having to constantly console people who couldn’t be with their loved ones in the intensive care unit, even if they were dying.

Now Spolar is among the many essential workers threatened with unemployment and diminished job prospects for refusing vaccination.

Police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics, airport security and prison guards across the country are facing termination this week if they don’t comply with their employers’ vaccine requirements. Many have already lost their jobs or have been disciplined. Other say they will defy the vaccine mandates on principle. As a result, essential workers may soon be in short supply in many parts of America.

Spolar said he isn’t opposed to vaccination in theory; his wife already got the shot. But he is young and fit with antibodies higher than they would be with a vaccine, thanks to getting COVID from a patient before Christmas. “The only reason I got sick is because I had a week where I worked six days in a row with crazy hours, I wasn’t getting any sleep, I was all run down.” Not getting the vaccine boils down to a matter of principle for him. Why force someone to take a drug that they don’t want or need?

Spolar is now reduced to part-time contract medical work with lower pay and no benefits, retirement, or upward mobility as no hospital will hire him unvaccinated. And with Los Angeles County’s vaccine passport mandate for restaurants, movie theaters, retail establishments, and other places, he cannot move freely in the city he serves.

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Getting Ready for Just in Case, by Eric Peters

What’s your plan if your illustrious governor orders everyone in the state to be vaccinated? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Some of of you have probably seen and listened to the speech given by the character V in the wonderfully inspirational movie, V For Vendetta – which bears re-watching if you haven’t lately and is a must-view if you’ve never seen it at all.

The speech – given over government-censored airwaves pirated by the character, V – talks about how people gave in to fear – of sickness, ironically enough. And turned over power to an authoritarian government – or rather, submitted to it – out of desperation for a return to some semblance of calm and normalcy.

One of the specific things V touched on was the perfectly natural desire most of us have for the familiar things, the everyday routines and places – and how this can be used against us by psychopathic political types to leverage our submission. No one wants to put their life’s work in jeopardy, much less their family’s security. People cherish their friends and community; they love their homes.

It is very difficult to say good-by to these things.

But sometimes, it is the only thing to do.

I learned this, like many others have learned it, when I was excommunicated from the little coffee shop that had been part of my daily routine for several years. I enjoyed spending a few hours in my usual spot, having some coffee and writing among the ebb and flow of people I had gotten to know over the years. It was a pleasant part of my life that became very unpleasant when the owners joined the Sickness Cult and insisted that patrons play Sickness Kabuki if they wanted to buy a cup of coffee. Since I would not join the cult, I was cast out.

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Why “Natural Immunity” Is a Political Problem for the Regime, by Ryan McMaken

The big problem with natural immunity for our Covid commissars is that it’s far better than vaccine conferred immunity. The latter adds absolutely nothing to the former and may actually be detrimental. From Ryan McMaken at mises.org:

Since 2020, public health technocrats and their allies among elected officials have clung to the position that absolutely every person who can possibly get a covid vaccine should get one.

Both the Mayo Clinic website and the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, for example, insist that “research has not yet shown” that people who have recovered from covid have any sort of reliable protection. Moreover, the CDC page points to a single study from Kentucky claiming that people with natural immunity are more than twice as likely to contract covid again, compared to people who have been vaccinated.

This narrative is reflected in the fact that the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates are a one-size-fits-all policy insisting that virtually all adults, regardless of whether or not they’ve already had the disease, receive a covid vaccine. The official position is apparently this: nothing except the vaccine can provide any sort of resistance or immunity. So get a vaccine. No exceptions!

Health technocrats have repeatedly insisted that “the science” points unambiguously toward everyone receiving a vaccine, even to the point of pushing vaccines for children. All this in spite of the fact the risk to children from covid is far less than the risk a dozen common daily risks, such as riding in an automobile.

The regime has attached itself closely to a vaccinate-everybody-no-matter-what policy, and a sudden u-turn would be politically problematic. So it’s no wonder there’s so little interest in the topic.

Indeed, in a September 10 interview, senior covid technocrat Anthony Fauci claimed that the matter of natural immunity was not even being discussed at government health agencies. Fauci’s response suggested that the facts of natural immunity warranted discussion at some point in the future. But the comment certainly fit the dominant regime narrative nonetheless: the facts of natural immunity don’t matter for now. Everyone should just get vaccinated:

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta asked if people who have already recovered from COVID-19 should still be required to get the vaccine.

“I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that,” [Fauci] said Thursday on CNN. “I think that is something that we need to sit down and discuss seriously.”

Maybe someday they’ll get to talking about it.

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