It Is All About The Money – Why The Military Industrial Complex Continues To Bilk The American Public, by Charles “Sam” Faddis

America’s many wars are about profits for the complex, not the safety of Americans. From Charles “Sam” Faddis at

Years ago, I was running operations in an Asian country and trying to get a handle on the status of a particular nation’s effort to develop a new tank.  After a decade of effort and massive expenditures, this country was no closer to having a working domestically-produced main battle tank than when it started.  It seemed a colossal failure.

Then I realized I did not understand what was going on at all.  I thought the goal was to produce an armored vehicle that could win wars and that the nation in question was failing miserably to achieve that goal.  I was wrong. The goal was to make money, and at that, the military-industrial complex of this nation was succeeding brilliantly.

No tanks that could win a war had been produced.  It was unclear if or when they ever would be.  But a lot of people and very powerful corporations had made billions and were going to make billions more.

I had wondered how long this could go on.  The answer was – forever.

All over America, people are dealing with the fallout from Afghanistan. They are wondering what it was all about. They are thinking of lost loved ones, shattered lives and mangled bodies and thinking – never again. We are collectively awash in a powerful mix of emotions, regret, anger, grief.

Not so in the halls of power where the uniformed bureaucrats and the leaders of the most powerful defense contractors on the planet decide the fate of young men and women who aspire to serve their nation and protect their fellow citizens.

You may think the lesson learned from Afghanistan is “never again.” They don’t think any such thing.

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