Arguing What Was Never Argued, by Eric Peters

Frame an argument with leftists in terms of individual freedom and rights and they’ll soon either be screaming at you, making fun of you, or walking away from you. From Eric Peters at

One of the dirtiest ways to win an argument is to change the subject of the argument – and thereby argue for or against what your opponent never argued.

Leftists do this as a matter of course – because it works.

I get hit with this a lot, for example as regards electric cars – which I have never argued anyone should be prevented from selling or buying, if they wish to offer one for sale – or buy one. I do, however, very much oppose anyone being forced or pressured to make or buy electric cars – a fundamentally different argument.

Leftists do not want to have that discussion.

Similarly with regard to these drugs being pushed on people by the government and the corporations that have become the adjuncts and enforcers of government.

I object to the pushing of drugs

Not the drugs, as such.

I do think (because the evidence abounds) that the drugs being pushed are at best of dubious value for most people and – at worst – potentially dangerous, based on what is already known about them and also what we don’t know about them.

But these things are peripheral; they are not fundamentally the issue anymore than electric cars – as such – are the issue, with regard to one’s support (or not) for their manufacture being mandated and people being forced to buy them.

That is an entirely different discussion.

As a libertarian, I argue that every adult human being has a natural, inalienable right of ownership over his or her own body – which strikes me as self-evident – and from this premise flows the argument that no one else has any right to force another human being to put anything into their body.

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