“Yes, and…”, by William Bernard Butler

How to refuse the shot without actually refusing the shot. From William Bernard Butler at williambernardbutler.com:

In the spirit of continuous improvement, I feel the need to improve on my first proposed vaccine mandate response letter.  I realized after I posted the “No Thank You” letter that, while persuasive, it did not follow my own negotiation strategy which aligns with the improv comedy formula of always seeking to say “yes, and…” and avoid saying “no” if at all possible.

Further, in the intro to the first vax letter I neglected to inform readers that they could use, alter, and edit the letter however they saw fit and that I assert no copyright and expect no compensation for its use.   So please use that letter and this one all you want and edit them however you want.

Below is Vax Letter 2.0.  It is at the same time agreeable and also much more pointed about the outrageous risk that employers are attempting to foist upon their employees.   Although more agreeable, because it exposes the raw risk reality of what is going on, no employer will ever agree to it.   The primary purpose of Vax Letter 2.0 is to awaken, persuade, and move the public consciousness in a better and healthier direction.  If it also saves your job, so much the better.  Use at your own risk.

Dear _______:

Thank you for your request that I be vaccinated.  My answer to your request is “yes,” I agree to be vaccinated.   I will schedule the vaccination once  you have responded to questions and agreed to the conditions below.  

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