The U.S. and NATO Step Up Military Pressure Along Russia’s Borders, by Brian Cloughley

This is not going to end well. From Brian Cloughley at

U.S.-Nato military confrontation will continue along Russia’s borders with the aim of provoking Russia to take action, which is a very dangerous policy.

On October 20 the U.S. State Department announced that “Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III met with Ukrainian Minister of Defense Andrii Taran and later with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy today in Kyiv. In both meetings, the leaders affirmed the strength of the U.S.-Ukraine strategic defence partnership, and Secretary Austin pledged continued U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.” According to Voice of America he “called on Russia” to “end its destabilizing activities in the Black Sea” (without mentioning that Russia has a Black Sea coastline of 800 km).

On the same day that Russia was rebuked by the United States for supposed and unspecified “destabilising activities”, the Pentagon deployed two B-1B Strategic bombers to fly over the Black Sea. These strike aircraft flew out of the UK’s Royal Air Force station at Fairford, where they arrived earlier in October from Dyess USAF base in Texas, with the reported mission of “enhancing interoperability training with our allies and partners, building coalition strength, and bolstering our ability to respond to all threats with unmatched power.”

It was essential, apparently, for interoperability training to take place along Russia’s borders rather than in the skies of Texas or Fairford, where the local newspaper reported that “If you live in parts of Cheltenham and Gloucester there was no way you weren’t aware of two huge American bombers flying overhead at around 7.30 am on Tuesday. A distinctive rumbling noise got louder and louder and sounded so near it could almost have been mistaken for the sound of a huge lorry rumbling right past your house.”

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One response to “The U.S. and NATO Step Up Military Pressure Along Russia’s Borders, by Brian Cloughley

  1. those in charge need 2 things: firing and anti psychotic medication.


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