By Way of Analogy . . ., by Eric Peters

Every person any of us cross paths with during our lifetimes poses some risk of transmitting a disease to us. It’s one of the risks we live with because not to do so would pose intolerable costs and destroy freedom. Safety never has been and never can be an absolute. Why Covid became “special” may be a question eventually answered in a Nuremberg-like proceeding someday. From Eric Peters at

Analogies are more than just another way of saying the same thing. They are a way to explain the essential meaning of a thing.

Here’s one that may help those who don’t understand the opposition of many healthy people to anyone being forced to submit to an injection – of anything – but in this case (the test case, so to speak) of drugs they don’t need for a sickness they haven’t got, to ease the fears of people who’ve become sick in another way:

Imagine a person who is terrified of mental illness. Who obsessively worries that those around him – it could be anyone! – might be deranged or becoming so. That they pose a current and ongoing threat, since they just might lose it and do something crazy.

Even though they haven’t. Even if they haven’t given any reason to suspect they might.

It is the possibility – hysterically exaggerated, within their minds – which alarms.

This person who is terrified of the possibility of mental illness demands that everyone be regularly tested for signs of mental illness to make them feel “safe.” Also that everyone be forced to take psychiatric drugs – just in case and to “stop the spread” – even if they haven’t “tested positive” for mental illness.

Because you never know – and if it saves even one life.

Those who object are selfish people. They don’t care. They are putting us all at risk!

If they refuse to be tested – and refuse the psych meds – fire them from their jobs for “noncompliance,” forcibly ostracize them from public life, deny them access to food and perhaps even forcibly take these terrible people into custody for “treatment”  . . . so as to “keep us safe” and for “the good of the community.”

Would you be ok with that?

If not, then why be ok with this sick insistence that everyone be presumed physically ill? Not just right now – but forever?

 It doesn’t matter – to the people who take this view – that you’re healthy today.

You might not be tomorrow. You could become sick. You might spread what you could get . . . just like you (anyone) might become sick in the head tomorrow, even though you seem (even if you are) just fine today. You might decide to shoot up your workplace, tomorrow – or a school!

We can never be  . . . too safe.

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