We’re All “Drunks” Now . . ., by Eric Peters

Soon cars will have breathalyzers that won’t let you start the car if you’ve had too much to drink. Why stop at alcohol consumption? What if you haven’t been vaccinated, or registered for the Democratic party? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

You may not have voted for it – but they intend to give it to you.

As part of what is styled the Biden Thing’s “infrastructure” plan – which has as much do with building new or repairing existing infrastructure as being “vaccinated” (as it is newly styled) has to do with being immunized – the federal government intends to mandate that every new car built by the 2026 model year and thereafter be equipped with an Off switch.

One you don’t control.

Of course it is being sold as another “safety” device – which by this late date ought to raise the alarm within the mind of any person not yet “vaccinated” into dullardness, because it means – as it always means – control wrested away from you in favor of them, i.e, the people who control the apparatus of government, which is the means by which we are controlled.

Ostensibly, it will only be those dangerous “drunk” drivers who are to be controlled – via passive alcohol detection equipment that works like the ignition interlocks courts sometimes require convicted drink drivers to have installed in their cars, so as to prevent them from driving drunk, again.

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One response to “We’re All “Drunks” Now . . ., by Eric Peters

  1. Assuming we *make* it to 2026 with current vehicle manufacturing, I’ll not be buying anything equipped with such odious controls. Just as I refuse to buy vehicles equipped with engine-off functionality at a stop light. If needs be I’ll stick with older vehicles, keeping them running for a fraction of the price of a “new and improved ” vehicle. Frankly, the new vehicles look like ass to me, even the new trucks.


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