How we can allow doctors to speak freely about what is really going on, by Steve Kirsch

If democracy dies in the darkness, then medicine—and every other science—dies in silence. From Steve Kirsch at

Anecdotal data from a pediatric cardiologist shows an estimated 100X increase in myocarditis rates. Cardiologists can’t speak out without risking retribution. I have a way to change that… instantly.

COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Myocarditis in Youth Typically Mild - Consumer  Health News | HealthDay

I just read a comment on my private “healthcare providers only” substack.

An estimated100X elevation in rate of myocarditis, but nobody will learn of it since cardiologists aren’t going to speak out for fear of retribution

His comment was a private conversation he had with a pediatric cardiologist. The cardiologist is never going to say this in public, to the press, or have his name revealed since his first duty is to his family (keeping his job). If a “fact checker” called the cardiologist, he might either refuse to comment or say “I’m seeing somewhat more cases after the vaccine rolled out.”

Here’s the exact comment that was posted to the private substack:

Recent lunch meeting with pediatric cardiologist friend of mine went like this:

Pre-jab, one or two cases per year of myocarditis. Now, half his waiting room.

Tells parents they are “studying” the causality.

Refers them to infectious disease specialist for discussions on their other children.

Admits he and about 50% of his colleagues know what’s going on but are too terrified to speak out for fear of retaliation from hospitals and state licensing boards.

Other 50% don’t want to know, don’t care and/or are reveling in the cognitive dissonance (like Dr. Harvey [Cohen] at Stanford) and/or letting loose their authoritarian demon.

Good luck with these former colleagues of mine.

The stench is overpowering.

The key sentence is the one in bold. That is gold. Pure gold. I’ll get to that in the “preventable” section below.

From 1 or 2 cases per year to “half his waiting room.” I don’t know the size of his waiting room, but it’s at least two people since he said “half.”

So the rate has increased by: 250 day per year open/1.5 avg cases per year=166X.

But not all the waiting room patients will be unique so we have to discount for that. Since the CDC says most cases are mild, a cardiologist may say “come back if there are problems” or “check back in 6 months” (especially now that they are so busy and hard to book). And his waiting room is likely larger than 2 people so that offsets it.

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