COVID testing has become ridiculous and even counterproductive, by Andrea Widburg

Let’s shut down everything and institute still more totalitarian controls for a contagious cold just isn’t going to fly. From Andrea Widburg at

The omicron version of COVID is so mild that it’s indistinguishable from a cold.  Many people are asymptomatic.  We also know now that early COVID counts were almost certainly wrong because the dominant test used was unable to distinguish between COVID and the regular flu.  Nevertheless, Joe Biden has invested almost $140 million in a German company that will build a home-test plant in America…by 2024.

It’s no secret at this point that omicron was o-versold.  It’s so negligible that many people know they have it only because they’ve been tested.  Even those who have symptoms feel only as if they’ve got a cold.  They just identify as omicron-sick.  You only need to look at the hugely different trend lines between cases and deaths to understand that omicron is a big nothing:

Indeed, omicron may or may not be extremely contagious.  That’s hard to know because the CDC, after announcing that 73% of all COVID cases in America were now omicron, backtracked and now says that only 23% are, with the remainder being the delta variant.  But if these cases are the delta variant, they must be pretty darn mild if they’re indistinguishable from omicron and cases are dropping.

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