Someone Needs to Tell the Kremlin that the “Ukraine Crisis” Is Over, by Paul Craig Roberts

The crisis is over and the Russians won. From Paul Craig Roberts at

As I have warned for some time, sooner or later the Kremlin will lose its patience with Washington and its European puppet states.  Signs of this are now appearing.  The normally very diplomatic Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov,  just compared his discussion with his British counterpart, Liz Truss, with talking to a deaf person.  He added: “Russia has been cheated and wronged for many years, many times, when it comes to agreements and obligations from other states.”

At a February 10 press conference, Lavrov said his Ukrainian counterpart was “lying with a straight face” and is a member of the “school of Goebbels, and maybe even surpasses the art of the chief propagandist of the Third Reich.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia will not attend this year’s Munich Security Conference because the conference “has been increasingly transformed into  a transatlantic forum” and has lost “its inclusiveness and objectivity.”  This is a sign that Russia is learning to give up on endless talk.

Russia’s UN ambassador, Gennady Gatilov, said Russia’s “serious concern is that the US and its allies are exacerbating the situation to the point where the game of raising the stakes could turn into a real tragedy.”

Even Putin is losing patience:  “Not an inch to the East they told us in the 1990s, and look what happened – they cheated us, vehemently and blatantly.”

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One response to “Someone Needs to Tell the Kremlin that the “Ukraine Crisis” Is Over, by Paul Craig Roberts

  1. Actually, someone needs to tell the Americans that there never was a Ukraine crisis in the first place.


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