Trading Losses in Ukraine, by Ted Snider

The biggest losers will be the people of Ukraine, who have been treated like pawns by all concerned. From Ted Snider at

There are no winners in war. War is the abandonment of reason, the abandonment of dialogue, the abandonment of compassion and hope. It is the abandonment of everything that makes us human.

In the war in Ukraine, there will be no winners. Everyone will lose.

The biggest burden of loss will be on the people of Ukraine. People who have been used and who have been caught in a struggle between great powers. It is the people of Ukraine who are terrified and dying.

But everyone else will lose too. The US will lose, Russia will lose and NATO will lose. The geopolitical battlefield will look very different when this war is over.

The US Will Lose

What will happen and how this will end still belongs to an unknown future. Ukraine and Russia have both expressed a willingness to talk. The details are developing and fuzzy. Ukraine seems to be willing to discuss neutrality; Russia seems to be willing to negotiate prior to surrender. Russia’s conditions seem to be an agreement by Ukraine to be neutral, to abandon NATO membership and to reject US and NATO weapons in their territory. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reportedly replied that “We are not afraid to talk to Russia. We are not afraid to say everything about security guarantees for our state. We are not afraid to talk about neutral status. We are not in NATO now … We need to talk about the end of this invasion. We need to talk about a ceasefire.”

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