This year’s sudden war is a distraction from the bigger war they’ve planned, for years, to wage against us all, by Mark Crispin Miller

Don’t take your eye of the Covid totalitarianism ball because of Ukraine. The plan to enslave humanity with universal mandatory vaccinations, digital IDs, and central bank digital currencies is still being put into place. From Mark Crispin Miller at

Right now, they plan to force their “vaccine” passports on us, not through city, state or national governments, but as a GLOBAL imposition

Was this sudden war in Ukraine planned as a distraction from the larger war waged by the globalists on all the rest of us? Probably. But whether it was planned that way or not, it surely is distracting us—just as the authors of this nightmare are quietly endeavoring to globalize the “vaccine” passports that, we’ve been assured, will not be rolled out by the (merely) national governments that had been threatening to impose them on us.

The article below makes pretty clear that that’s the plan; so let’s not take our eyes completely off the hardball hurtling toward us. The two-year COVID nightmare is not over, despite its sudden absence from the daily media feed, the vanishing of Dr. Fauci, SNL’s disorienting Gee-let’s-all-talk-things-out-the-way-we-used-to comedy, and other changes surely meant to calm us down—rather like O’Brien’s decision to go easier on Winston Smith after his long torture, just to make him think they’re done with him (and then they take him to Room 101).

Yes, this unprecedented war against us all is raging still, notwithstanding the new drama of “Ukraine.” So let’s keep close watch on their doings, as best we can, and spread the word about them, to keep everyone prepared; and let’s also keep our spirits up, with music for this fight. (Scroll down for three great songs.)

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