Let Them Drive Teslas . . . by Eric Peters

Can’t afford $5 a gallon gas? Buy a $50,000 Tesla! From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

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Every time there’s what is styled an “energy crisis” – the term in air fingers quotes to reflect the fact that the “crisis” is never about “energy” but rather about government, which makes energy harder to produce and more expensive to deliver via various edicts and fatwas – such as cancelling pipelines, for instance – the government makes transportation more expensive.

For instance, this Let Them Drive Teslas business, articulated by the Biden Thing’s equivalent of Marie Antoinette, Pete Buttigieg. This queen suggests that people being impoverished by the artificially induced spike in the cost of energy in the form of gasoline further impoverish themselves by – somehow – buying an electric car that costs twice as much as a current non-electric economy car.

Doesn’t everyone own a $50,000 Tesla – or a $35,000 Chevy Bolt?

Of course, no one would have to worry about the cost of energy – gas or electricity – were it not for the government and people like the Biden Thing and the Buttigieg thing.

Had the former not autocratically winnowed the supply of oil by cancelling a pipeline that – by now – would have been capable of bringing some 800,000 barrels of it per day to the United States from Canada – and encouraged rather than discouraged the production of oil here, in America – the cost of energy in the form of gasoline would probably still be closer to $2 per gallon that $5 per gallon. Even factoring in the cost of “inflation,” the sneak-term used by creatures such as the Biden Thing to get people to not think about the malicious devaluation of their money via the printing of more money.

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