Slog Special: The UXB In The Ukraine Conflict, by John Ward

All the narratives are falling apart at the same time, just as they’re trying to float a Ukraine narrative. From John Ward at

Part One: War, plague & sanctions

Newspeak is in full flow now in Western media. It has an air of semi-ironic anarchy in which the only rule is “Ukrainians are Saints and Russians are bestial Swine”. But one EUNATO country – Germany – is playing more softly-softly than others. And the reasons why go much deeper than straightforward energy supply. In today’s special two-parter, The Slog reveals the tragically hilarious Truth.

Two glorious examples yesterday morning. On Thursday, the DTs ran a piece applauding the “inventiveness” of cheeky-chappie Ukrainian soldiers using drones to kill Russian soldiers as they slept. Yesterday, we read:

Hate-speech has double standards, apparently. Reading this bilge day by day is like watching giggly six year-old girls arguing about hop-scotch.

Turning our attention now to the “impregnable” port of Ukrainian-held Mariupol, you will recall I questioned that definition, and quoted another source saying the Russians were close to cutting off access to the Azov Sea. Last night, Mariupol fell. Moscow will now carry out the seaborne invasion I predicted ten days ago.

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