Ukraine UXB: Germany’s Fuhrerprinzip Problem, by John Ward

Germany is going to bear the brunt of the U.S.’s proxy war against Russia. From John Ward at

Part 2: A simple question for NATO & Brussels: do you contain Putin by collapsing the European Union?

In this second part of today’s double-header, The Slog looks at the untold consequences of trying to bankrupt the Russian Federation, and wonders just how many Europeans would be prepared to pay that price. More specifically, the so-called sanctions present Germany with an insoluble dilemma. Cracks may soon start to appear in the entire EUNATO defence rationale.

Very few people really understand the full extent of collapse we will almost certainly be looking at if and when Russia defaults. Naturally, the propaganda sins of omission continue; thus, although there’s a gigantic problem for the sanctioning folks, they don’t want you to know about it. The BSDs out there need to rethink the current jingoism, and ask themselves whether the cost of “containing” Putin is either worth it…or indeed, a problem they need to worry about in the first place.

To kick off things off with an appetiser, you probably failed to notice this, but Russia paid its due debt installment in full last Friday.

You probably didn’t see that, because the MSM blanked it. They want you to think that Russia is doomed, but they can’t deal with evidence that this is not the case.

In the same spirit but on a different subject, what’s also just come to light via objective observers is that, since Russian speakers in the eastern Ukraine provinces Donetsk and Luhanks voted to leave and become Russian provinces again, 15,000 Russian speakers have died in blatant breakages of the Minsk accord by Ukrainian far Right nationalists. As this bores a large hole in the “plucky Zelenskyy” script, our media don’t talk about that either.

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