Phase 2 of The Great Reset: War, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

If the great reset crowd doesn’t destroy humanity with Covid, vaccines, and war, they’ll make us all much better people. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at

Story at-a-glance

  • We’re being hit with one crisis after another, but there’s nothing “organic” or natural about these crises. They seem manufactured and intentional because they all strengthen, support and further the technocratic plan for a Great Reset
  • Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has relaxed its hate speech policies in certain countries — but only as long as the hatred is directed against Russians. While hatred against an attacker is normal, one day, the designated target for “justifiable hatred” may be you
  • We cannot continue to accept the idea of “justifiable hatred” — that it’s OK to hate and call for violence against any one group — because the target group of the day is decided by powers that ultimately seek to destroy us all
  • World war is Phase 2 of The Great Reset plan, which includes the destruction of supply chains, the energy sector, food supply and workforce, to create dependency on government, which in turn will be taken over by private interests and central banks through the collapse of the global economy
  • Pandemic lockdowns have sped up the Fourth Industrial Revolution — the transhumanist dream to merge man and machine, which will allow the technocratic elite to control all of mankind — and disruptions caused by war will speed it up even further

As noted by historian and Scottish television presenter Neil Oliver in the video above, many feel like they’re stuck in an “existential battle between good and evil.” Perhaps you feel this “creeping malevolence” Oliver describes as well. We’re being hit with one crisis after another, but there’s nothing “organic” or natural about these crises.

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