James Rickards: I’ve Never Heard So Many Lies

Western government and media prevarication has broken to the upside again, challenging the Covid-19 upside breakout. From James Rickards at dailyreckoning.com:

All wars are full of lies. Winston Churchill famously said, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

We accept that idea broadly. Secret invasion plans should be closely held. The identities of spies must be kept under wraps. New weapons and defensive tools should not be revealed because enemies will be alerted to their potential and begin offensive workarounds.

Still, just because the government has legitimate reasons to deceive the public in wartime does not mean that citizens don’t have a duty to find the truth to the extent they can.

The Russian-Ukraine kinetic war and the broader U.S.-Russian economic war are full of more lies than any public events I’ve seen in my lifetime including Vietnam, Watergate and the Iraq War.

That’s how big the lies are.

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9 responses to “James Rickards: I’ve Never Heard So Many Lies

  1. The Duke of New York

    Once again we hear “Biden is foolish, Biden is doddering and making mistakes” while the truth is, no matter how much of a fumbling old fool the man is, the people who control him know exactly what they’re doing.

    It is no mistake that average folks in the US and EU and elsewhere will suffer from the purported actions of the US president. It is no mistake that those same people will have less food, less freedom, less energy and less security due to the actions attributed to the US president. But all of this is purposeful and was planned long ago.


  2. Kind Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The problem isn’t Joe Biden, but Democrats and … RINOs

    Sincerely, Benedict Arnold



      Mr. Arnold: I would add the clueless sheeple who put him and others like him in office. Remember the V For Vendetta speech: “…if you want to know who is to blame you only have to look into the mirror.” Bleib ubrig.


      • Dweezil and Mr. Arnold,
        Ah yes, the “voters”…

        Those who grant ‘legitimacy’ to the very existence of the parasite class’s “Kabuki Uniparty Political Theater” and their enablers, supporters and protectors..especially the military and badged orcs and orcettes at all levels.

        One mustn’t forget that here in the “Land of the REEEEEE!! and home of the eternally entitled” that 56% of the ‘electorate’ are women. Also important to note that at any given moment that at least a full third if not more of said women are walking around with serious mental illnesses that range from bi-polar disorder to ‘Cluster B’ and worse..Jodi Arias anyone?…

        There are very valid reasons that earlier cultures that were patriarchal did not grant women either unlimited freedom or the privilege of having a say in how the culture was structured or run day to day.

        So, how has America been doing since that mealy mouthed hipocrite Wilson put his imprimatur on women’s ‘right to vote’ back in 1920?

        For those that want to automatically point the finger at bolshevists saying that they are to blame, it was actually the Christian Social Gospel movement back in the 1830’s and ’40’s that got the ball of ‘women’s suffrage’ going (they also pioneered ‘gun control’ as well). The bolshevists of course, we’re all too happy to utilize such as they do, for their own ends.

        Most women at a base level support bolshevism and not freedom and the responsibility that’s attendent to it since women’s primary concerns are protection and being provided for. Yes, there are some women that do value freedom and it’s responsibility, however they’re only 4 to 6 %; such women are outliers..rare exceptions and not the rule.

        Also the vast majority of women do not function guided by critical thought or logic,..it’s all about their ‘feelings’..that what strikes their fancy at the moment.

        And domestically, an overwhelming majority of what ‘gov’ spends what it’s stripped from people who are responsible and productive to grant to those that are neither responsible or productive (except for the very real bastards that get pushed out).

        Yes I’m talking about women in general and single mothers here in particular.

        So, to save our culture, if not our nation, isn’t it time to start seriously thinking about taking women’s rights [voting] away, ending their empowerment and all welfare, both domestic and foreign?

        Or people continue on, believing in the dual false ideologies of both ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’.

        If things continue on as they have, don’t be surprised if a future american dictator is the worst ‘Karen’ imaginable..and no, “Rachel” Levine doesn’t count..not biologically a woman.

        Potentially Hillary on eternal life support…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


  3. I for one, believe TPTB are like Brer Rabbit hitting the tar baby. The ones in the US have the goal of turning citizens into serfs, but they punch far above their weight, and of course American citizenry have their own goals and resources to tar baby TPTB actions, making TPTB less effective each time they throw a punch, because the ‘tards never seem to quite get where their power source comes from. A house divided and all that. Attrition is a stupid game to play, and really causes more pain than anything it’s authors intended. But then again, bad pupils make lousy rulers. And thanks again Roberto, for your brilliant blog.


  4. The biggest lie about the Russia-Ukraine “war” is that the war is about Russia and Ukraine. The “war” in Ukraine is just the localized, tactical, kinetic expression of a global battle between the embattled forces of national sovereignity and rising powers of borderless serfdom.


    • “The “war” in Ukraine is just the localized, tactical, kinetic expression of a global battle between the embattled forces of national sovereignity and rising powers of borderless serfdom.”

      Actually, simpler than that. It’s the parasite class’s desire to expand globo-homo and feminism everywhere to replace any semblance of patriarchy (except for what they internally practice themselves).

      And Russia wants patriarchy and a sane and healthy culture.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


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