The China Syndrome, by Alex Berenson

If government restrictiveness fended off Covid, China wouldn’t have a case of the disease. Fortunately, it doesn’t, but China, like a lot of governments, has had to learn the hard way. From Alex Berenson at

Shanghai’s Covid lockdown – now in its third week – has gone bad.

How bad?

We can’t be sure. Chinese censorship has reached levels woke bluechecks can only dream of. But posts and videos, like this one from last week, have leaked out. They paint a picture of a giant city under extraordinary pressure, its 25 million inhabitants locked in apartments and struggling to keep their refrigerators and pantries stocked.

Along with locking people in their homes, Chinese authorities have essentially closed the roads to almost all civilian vehicles, exempting only a few thousand employees of food delivery companies. The streets are even emptier than Times Square was in April 2020:

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