Volt Revival? By Eric Peters

The old Volt and the new Mazda car with similar technologies seem like good ideas. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Ten years ago, GM built the only electric car that made any sense as a practical, affordable car.

This was the Chevy Volt (RIP).

It wasn’t especially quick – no “Ludicrous” mode – but that wasn’t the point. It did not make you wait – as all other ludicrous electric cars do. And it did not make you sweat, because its range was about the same as any other car of its type – about 350 miles, unaffected by summer or winter or the use of accessories such as the heater and air conditioner. It cost about $33,000 to start when it was last offered back in 2019, about $20,000 less than a new Tesla Model 3 – which does make you sweat (and then, wait).

Here was a car you could drive like any other car. Spur of the moment, as far as you liked – without having to think about range or plan around recharge times. It thus solved every problem of practicality and functionality associated with electric cars, which was the point of the thing.

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