A Mostly Wind- and Solar-Powered U.S. Economy Is a Dangerous Fantasy, by Francis Menton

The real science, not state approved propaganda masquerading as science, says the practical difficulties switching to primarily solar and wind power are insurmountable with present technology, mostly because wind and solar are intermittent. From Francis Menton at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • When President Biden and other advocates of wind and solar generation speak, they appear to believe that the challenge posed is just a matter of currently having too much fossil fuel generation and not enough wind and solar; and therefore, accomplishing the transition to “net zero” will be a simple matter of building sufficient wind and solar facilities and having those facilities replace the current ones that use the fossil fuels.
  • They are completely wrong about that.
  • The proposed transition to “net zero” via wind and solar power is not only not easy, but is a total fantasy. It likely cannot occur at all without dramatically undermining our economy, lifestyle and security, and it certainly cannot occur at anything remotely approaching reasonable cost. At some point, the ongoing forced transition… will crash and burn.

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