Twelve Questions to Consider Regarding Mass Shootings, by Douglas Young

Never underestimate the power of twelve good questions. From Douglas Young at

To prevent more mass shootings, many demand more gun control laws. But do these laws prevent such massacres or address their root causes? Here are 12 questions to ponder.

First, why do almost all U.S. mass shootings occur in “gun-free zones”? Indeed, it’s hard to name any that have not. The 2015 Charleston mass-murderer apparently targeted a church instead of a school partly because the school had security – but South Carolina banned guns in church. Would any of us put a sign in our yard saying, “This is a gun-free home”?

Second, can an evil person using a gun to murder be stopped by anyone other than a good person using a gun? In the December, 2019 Texas church shooting, the murderer was prevented from murdering many times more than his two victims by a good parishioner with a gun who shot him in six seconds. Many other mass murders have been similarly stopped.

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  1. Come get em , Joe. I dare you.


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