Four game-changing things I learned at the Journey rock concert tonight, by Steve Kirsch

Has Steve Kirsch finally found someone who will debate him? From Kirsch at

My wife told me I had to attend a Journey rock concert at Santa Clara University tonight. So I went. I’m really glad I did. Great concert and I learned four important new things I want you to know.

Executive summary

Surveys of my followers show that COVID vaccines are more dangerous than COVID HOSPITAL PROTOCOLS which in turn are much more dangerous than the COVID virus. This applies to both deaths and injuries. This will be repeated using an outside polling firm.

In other words, the elephant in the room is that the government-promoted cures (vaccines and hospital treatment protocols) are far worse than the disease for both deaths and injuries.

Santa Clara University looks like a great opportunity to be heard after more than 1 year of censorship from universities throughout America. Nobody has wanted to hear the other side of the narrative.

Pursuing civil cases against the major pharmacies may be an effective way to shut down the givers of the vaccines.

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