Democrats Ignore Their Own Role in Capitol Breach

There’s another side to the January 6 protest that’s going to be completely ignored. From J. Peder Zane at

June 09, 2022

Democrats Ignore Their Own Role in Capitol Breach

Scott Applewhite)

The Jan. 6 hearings set to begin tonight will be even more predictable than the prime-time fare they are preempting. Once again, we will be told the story of a narcissistic president who helped whip up the mob in the mad hopes of overturning the 2020 election.

This drumbeat melodrama will spotlight Donald Trump’s infamous recklessness and showcase the damage he and his most fervent supporters did that day to their country, and themselves, when they breached the Capitol in the name of a lie.

It is an important story but also a familiar one, pounded home for a year and a half in repetitive front-page articles and cable news chyrons. We get it. The hearings will not go beyond this storyline. They will not offer penetrating insight into the deeper forces that set the stage for that horrific day because they are not an honest pursuit of the truth but a partisan effort to eliminate a sworn enemy and give Democrats a more positive 2022 political narrative than rising crime rates and even faster rising inflation.

While Democrats and their “Never Trump” brethren broadcast yet another episode of “Evil Orange Man,” the story we need to see is “Jan. 6: An American Tragedy.” The Capitol riot was not the singular result of Trump’s frustrated mind. It was a reflection of the aching anger and mistrust that is metastasizing across our body politic. Trump did not create this cancer; he fed off it. It will not be cured by excising him.

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