Still Think Freedom Is Too Risky?

h/t The Burning Platform

alec baldwin january 6th protesters change my mind

riding with biden walking gas prices higher than hunter

npc send cops take your guns uvalde

sign please dont say damn when see price

batman slap stand with ukraine were gay this month

mathew mcconaghey trump tweets 2019 gas now inflation good thing

when the prey is armed predators think twice

wonder if want gun control move south side chicago

maybe im an npc repeat everything media says

finally middle class inflation lower class

joe biden hate make poverty great again mask

fbi plotting terror event like to

liz cheney twin obnoxious muppet rino

tweet bassler biden armed al qaeda isis taliban ukraine not americans

message road fascism lined people telling you stop overreacting


picard waking up every morning 2022 damage report

babylon bee cnn rebrands to jan 6th no changes

when pass gun control black market copying drug dealers

what people think dr evil looks like actual klaus schwab

stalin applauding january 6th show trial media

message no longer conspiracy theory millions same conclusion

quotes kamala harris nancy pelosi maxine waters pressley callingf for violence

quotes pressley cuomo newsom waters aoc protesters

sign joe biden gonna donate your salary not mine billboard

mom whats conspiracy theorist someone figures out truth first

tweet lies propaganda dc january 6th democrats prevent forensic audit

leftists explaining police racist but should have all the guns

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