A Wartime Economy Coming… Here Are Two Things That Could Happen as a Result, by Chris MacIntosh

War is so horrible that most people don’t want to think about it. That’s understandable, but the consequences could be tragic. From Chris MacIntosh at internationalman.com:

Wartime Economy

Things are a tad wonky.

The problem that market participants are not thinking about is this. When combining the most levered global and US economy in the history of our planet, record low interest rates (lowest in recorded history), the greatest disruption to world’s energy supplies as well as direct and indirect attacks on our food networks, not to mention sanctions against Russia and hence Ukraine — two major exporters of food. The consequences of all of this have delivered to us the highest inflation in four decades… oh, and this was BEFORE the Russkies went hunting for biolabs in Ukraine and the attendant fallout.

The result… or at least one result is in the graph below.

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