All Options (& Variants) Are In Play For The Imminent Next “Pandemic” In PSYOP-22: BA.2.75 — new Covid variant detected in India a mystery, but could ‘have immune-escape property’, by the 2nd Smartest Guy In the World

Another day, another deadly disease that’s supposedly going to rampage the earth and kill us all . . . unless we vaccinate. From the 2nd Smartest Guy In the World at

The Cult has been busily cultivating their upcoming PSYOP-22 fall into winter “pandemic” viral options quite broadly; they have seeded Marburg, MonkeyPox and the seemingly infinite C19 variant mutations like their latest in the BA.2.75 strain.

This Omicron sub-lineage may have increased ability to infect people who’ve been infected before, or are vaccinated, according to some scientists. However, there’s no govt data on this.

This variant may have been lab made or mutated in DEATHVAXXED™. Either way, there are so many possibilities for plausible deniability as we are steered into the next global plague scenario.

BA.2.75 is a sub-lineage of the Omicron variant. Sub-lineages of Omicron have become the dominant variants circulating across the globe, with new mutations continuously evolving.

At least 23 samples of the BA.2.75 variant have been detected in India so far, in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Jammu & Kashmir, according to the data uploaded on Nextstrain, an open-source platform of genomic data.

What we can be certain of is that this variant did not come from Uttar Pradesh, a state in India that has been COVID-free since last year when they incorporated Ivermectin as their early treatment and prophylactic protocol.

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