Do Authoritarians ‘Care’ About You? By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Of course authoritarians don’t care about you, they just use you. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at

Story at-a-glance

  • The basis for forcing an experimental gene therapy on everyone was that it would end the COVID pandemic by preventing infection and spread. Real-world reality has since proven this to be a false justification
  • Authoritarian rulers claim to act from deep concern for public health and the greater good of society. Historically, however, invoking “the greater good” principle has always been about disenfranchising citizens in order to consolidate and concentrate power
  • Throughout the pandemic, governments, employers, NGOs and media have argued that the social responsibility to “protect others” is so paramount that it negates all other considerations
  • But unless everyone has bodily autonomy, no one has bodily autonomy, and without it, everyone, including the most vulnerable, are put at risk. Hence, the rationale to “protect the vulnerable” falls apart unless everyone is allowed to make their own decisions

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