Useful Idiots, by Joel Bowman

It’s simply impossible to make too much fun of the group Joel Bowman makes fun of in this article. From Bowman at

How one group of Scientists got a glimpse into the coming Dark Ages…

Welcome to another Sunday Session, dear reader, that time of the week when we pull up a barstool at the virtual watering hole, take stock of the week just gone, and try to recall a little perspective to our lives… one nip of flu medicine at a time (we’ve been “crook as a dog” all week, to put it in Australian vernacular, but seem to be on the mend now)…

It ought to go without saying that we live in an unprecedented Age of Abundance. Our modern economy is one brimming with cheap and abundant goods… manufactured using cheap and abundant energy… financed using cheap and abundant credit.

For better and worse, modern man scarcely wants for his bare necessities. His physiological requirements, the base of Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs, he takes more or less for granted. If anything, he is overburdened with worldly goods, a slave to his possessions.

But when he requires painkillers – as we did during the week – he need only visit a drugstore and choose from a variety of on- and off-label products. Pills, potions, capsules and caplets… daytime, nighttime… drowsy, non-drowsy… balms, rubs, ointments. You name it.

As Bill wrote during the week, such a casual cornucopia of pharmaceutical remedies and therapeutics were not so readily available in the recent past… not even to a man whose word was law and who ruled over the richest land on earth. (Read Bill’s excellent essay about King Louis XIV’s toothache ordeal here.)

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