Sanity checks, by Steve Kirsch

At this point, it’s insanity to believe anything the government, the mainstream media, and the drug companies say about Covid and the vaccines. From Steve Kirsch at

People tell me I’m crazy for believing the COVID vaccines are unsafe. But my list of sanity checks is objective evidence that I’m not the one who is crazy.

Better e-learning – Day 5: Sanity check! | Good To Great

Executive summary

People tell me I’m crazy all the time for believing that the COVID vaccines are unsafe.

But all I am doing is making the obvious conclusions from all the data in plain sight, including people’s reactions when challenged.

For example, at dinner last night, I revealed that my occupation was a “myth buster” and then people asked “what myth?” and I said that the vaccines were unsafe. Later, one of the attendees told me I should be ashamed of myself for spreading misinformation. I asked, “Do you have any data to back that up?” She said, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

Does that sound familiar?

Here’s a short checklist of observations that would be very hard to explain if the vaccines are safe and effective.

The sanity checks

The overall sanity check is that all the data (including observing peoples’ behavior when challenged) I’ve seen is consistent with the unsafe hypothesis and not consistent with a very safe vaccine with mild, short-lasting side-effects.

Here’s a list of data points that suggest that I’m sane in no particular order:

  1. I am currently offering $1M to anyone who can convince a neutral panel of judges that the COVID vaccines save more people than they kill. No takers. Not even the drug companies will stand behind their own product! Do you really need anything more than that? Here are the offers I’ve made and note in particular that the term sheet is fully negotiable.
  2. Hundreds of VAERS safety signals are being deliberately ignored by the CDC including the all important death safety signal. The death safety signal was triggered using the CDC’s own methodology, and nobody in the world will acknowledge that. This tells you there is a cover-up.

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