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Tyranny of the Modelers, by Robert W. Malone, MD, MS

Somebody can always cook up a justification for rulers ruling the ruled. From Robert W. Malone at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

Intersection of Utilitarianism, Geopolitics, Public Health and Hubris


There are so very many factors that have contributed to the clear and compelling reality that the public health response to the global SARS-CoV-2 outbreak has been one of the greatest failures in public policy in modern history. But chief among those has been the grossly overestimated modeling projections of likely disease and death due to the virus.

Those well versed in the world of computer software coding are intimately familiar with the problem of “Garbage in – Garbage out” (GIGO), which is short slang for the real world issue that the utility of any coded data set analysis is a function of the quality of the underlying data being analyzed and the assumptions engineered into the computer code. In retrospect, it is abundantly clear that the underlying data and assumptions which were used to develop the modeling which formed the basis for global public health policy decisions concerning the management of the outbreak were seriously flawed. These flawed analyses, which were promoted via a wide range of government policy analysis and media channels, almost universally wildly over-estimated the risks of the virus.

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Fox News: John Roberts Breaks The Silence About Vaccine Injuries, by Emerald Robinson

Aside from governments, the media engaged in the highest level of criminal disinformation concerning COVID. From Emerald Robinson at emeralddb3.substack.com:

How many people trusted the vaccine misinformation spread by Fox News? One tweet shows you the number: too many.

Two months ago, I helped to publicize the story (375,000 page views and counting!) that Fox News took money from the Biden regime to push COVID vaccine propaganda on their network relentlessly. Fox News (like almost all the other corporate media outlets) did not reveal this crucial fact to its audience — an astonishing breach of journalistic ethics that should never be forgiven or forgotten.

I wrote at the time that Fox News was also coercing its own employees into getting vaccinated even though the vast majority were working from home:

Meanwhile, Fox News executive are continuing to enforce vaccine mandates with their own employees — even though the mandates have been halted by the courts. Fox is even offering $500 to any employee, right now, who proves they got the jab.

We have just lived through the most extensive propaganda campaign in the history of the world, and it was paid for with taxpayer dollars. You paid for it. I paid for it. We will probably never know how much money was spent because, according to a source familiar with the FOIAs, the Biden Administration won’t release the amounts under their “trade secrets” exemption.

I’ve been telling people for the last two years that, when the truth comes out about the deadly COVID vaccines, it will topple the American corporate media.

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What I learned on my trip to the Ohio Statehouse, by Steve Kirsch

It’s mostly anecdotal evidence, to be sure, but are you prepared to argue that government propaganda and statistics are more trustworthy? From Steve Kirsch at stevekirsch.substack.com:

I am on the plane back from my trip to the Ohio Statehouse event put on by Children’s Health Defense. A lot of my followers were there in force. Here is a quick summary of things I learned from the audience and from the other speakers:

  1. A third are still mask brainwashed. Informal counting people boarding the plane suggests about 2/3 of travelers have no mask; 1/3 are still brainwashed. This is consistent with the mass formation estimate that a third of people are lost causes, a third are persuadable, and a third were never fooled.
  2. Vaccine adverse events can happen many years later. Vaccines can kill people many years later. One father lost his 20 year old daughter to a seizure caused by a meningitis vaccine given to her when she was a small child. Vaccines can seriously injure people even 13 years after vaccination. One of the hosts of the event had a seizure during the event. She had the Gardasil vaccine many years ago, but didn’t have her first seizure until 13 years ago. The seizures happen when she is under stress and can be triggered by a bad food choice. So even though she had no adverse reactions for 13 years, now she can be disabled in minutes. This was stunning seeing this first hand and learning about the 13 year latency period.

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Ukraine: A new battle in the old war of the “New Normal”, by Michael Lesher

Covid and now Ukraine are intended to pinpoint who can and cannot be fooled by the propaganda barrages. Generally those who believe one believe the other. From Michael Lesher at off-guardian.org:

In one sense, I don’t have much to say about the newest chapter in the eight-year-old American war against the people of Ukraine – nothing that you can’t learn from an array of sources as politically diverse as George Galloway and Peter HitchensTariq Ali and John Mearsheimer.

After all, the facts really aren’t complicated. Russia’s recent invasion, far from being “unprovoked” (as shamelessly claimed in mainstream media), follows eight years of the US-backed Ukrainian regime’s deadly shelling of ethnic Russians near the border of Russia itself, in fighting that has killed more than 13,000 civilians in territory Vladimir Putin’s administration pledged to protect long ago.

And that carnage had a fairly obvious cause, too: it was precipitated by the US-supported coup that toppled Ukraine’s elected government in 2014, ostensibly because of human rights abuses but more fundamentally because that government had refused to convert the former Soviet republic into a vassal state of NATO.

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20 questions they don’t want to answer, by Steve Kirsch

Never underestimate the power of 20 questions. From Steve Kirsch at stevekirsch.substack.com:

I can’t get a single one of these questions answered. I promise to stop spreading misinformation if you can just publicly answer just these questions with truthful and accurate answers.

20 Questions (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

An open letter to the White House, Surgeon General Murthy, Twitter censors, Medium censors, LinkedIn censors, YouTube censors, the medical community, the mainstream media, all members of US Congress, world leaders, all public health officials anywhere in the world, all “fact checker” organizations, and members of the California legislature especially Assemblymember Evan Low and Senator Dr. Richard Pan.

Dear folks,

I know you want to stop COVID misinformation. I agree. It’s a problem.

In my view, you are the ones spreading it, not me.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it the same way. According to CCDH, who is arguably a world authority on misinformation spreaders (they created the original Disinformation Dozen list relied on by the White House), I’m one of the worst offenders: I’m #3 on their list.

The problem I have is simple: the data clearly shows that it is the CDC and other government agencies that are spreading misinformation, not me.

In order to resolve the conflict, I’m going to make the following offer in good faith: I will happily stop spreading “misinformation” if you all would just take a few minutes to answer a few questions for me. Fair enough? Will you do that?

If not, please tell me why not since this is your only chance of convincing people like me to get the jab.

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Two Weeks To Flatten The World, by Michael Bryant

Covid was a classic psyop. From Michael Bryant at off-guardian.org:

OVID-19 has magically disappeared.

After more than two years of non-stop bombardment with Covid “news”, there has been none at all in mainstream headlines for over a week. The media giveth and the media taketh away.

Through the immaculate erasure of the ‘Covid Crisis,’ those responsible for these harms are attempting to make us forget what they did to us, our families, and the permanent damage they caused to society.

Think back to what life was like two years ago and imagine if someone told you that a “health emergency” would require a crackdown on all social and economic life.

Remarkably, the public health orders moved quickly from “flattening the curve” and “slowing the spread” to containment, suppression, contact tracing, social isolation, quarantine, face coverings, de facto house arrest aka “lockdowns” (a prison/slave camp term), and mandated experimental injections.

In order to “keep us safe” government policies mushroomed from innocuous instructions into draconian decrees.

The limitation of the right to engage in basic economic transactions; the limitation of the right to freedom of movement; limitations on the right to practice religion; the suspension of the right to an education; the denial of the right to a livelihood; the removal of the right to receive or refuse medical attention; suspension of public meetings; suspension of juries; suppression of the right to freedom of expression; denial of the right to assembly; and much else became the new operating principles of “The Covid World.”

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Propaganda, Corporatism, and the Hidden Global Coup, by Robert W. Malone, MD, MS

A deep dive into propaganda and the people behind it, from Robert W. Malone, MD, MS, at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

Le Bon and Goebbels teach us about modern State and NGO-sponsored Propaganda during COVID

Knowledge of the theory and practical implementation of mass formation psychology can and is being used by propagandists, governments and the World Economic Forum to sway large groups of people to act for the benefit of the propagandists’ objectives. Although a major crisis of some sort can be extremely useful for propagandists to take advantage of (war, hyperinflation or public health for example), these psychological theories can and often are applied even without strong evidence of a compelling crisis.  For this to be effective, the leader just has to be sufficiently compelling.

One current example involves the almost global acceptance of mask use by the general population over the past two years. Because Fauci and his acolytes at the CDC insisted that masks work, public acceptance of a very intrusive element into people’s lives was almost universal. Data demonstrating lack of effectiveness of masks for preventing spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are largely irrelevant and either rejected or unable for its existence to be acknowledged by those who have become hypnotized by the mass formation process. Even the logic of masking children was accepted without question despite the clear and compelling evidence of harm.

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The Narrative Is Collapsing, by James Rickards

As the narrative collapses, it’s time for criminal proceedings against the charlatans who propagated it. From James Rickards at dailyreckoning.com:

Let’s face it: The public health policy response to the pandemic has been abysmal. I realize I’m not exactly breaking news here, but it can’t be said enough.

Even those on the political left, like Bari Weiss, formerly of The New York Times, and comedian Bill Maher are beginning to publicly question mandates and other anti-COVID measures.

Of course the mainstream media have its dutiful lapdogs who still fawn over Dr. Fauci, but what do you expect? Let’s start at the beginning…

In January 2020, Dr. Fauci said there was no danger the COVID-19 virus would strike the United States. We were soon overwhelmed with it. Then Fauci told the public not to wear masks. Then he said wear two masks, indoors and out. Fauci and others favored lockdowns and quarantines.

Then they said the vaccines would prevent infection and stop the spread of the virus. You could throw away your masks and return to normal living.

At the same time, they warned against early treatment with drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, despite numerous studies proving that they’re both safe and effective. And the sooner they’re administered, the better.

Killer Medical Advice

But the public health authorities told COVID sufferers to just wait it out at home until they had trouble breathing. Only then should they go to the hospital. But guess what? By the time you’re having trouble breathing, it’s already too late in many cases because the disease process is so advanced.

Besides, if you went to the hospital, there’d be a real chance you’d end up on a ventilator and be treated with remdesivir, a drug that’s shown little effectiveness but that has potentially serious side effects, including heart and kidney damage.

There are a lot of conspiracies surrounding the suppression of early treatment. There’s no need to get into them here, but it’s clear that the public health authorities decided that mass vaccination was the solution, and they knew that effective therapeutics would undermine the rationale for the vaccines.

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Legacy Media Disinformation. By Doctor Robert W. Malone, MD, MS

The alternative media has been far more accurate about the whole Covid and vaccine travesty than the legacy media. From Doctor Robert W. Malone at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!



Word on the street is that Spotify is removing Neil Young’s music after he made them choose between him and Joe Rogan.

Choosing freedom of speech over censorship. Well done Spotify!

A Trip Down the Misinformation Memory Lane, brought to you by Joe Biden:

“I wouldn’t demand it (the vaccine) to be mandatory but I would do everything in my power. It’s like I don’t think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide.” (Pres. Candidate Biden, 2020)

“I feel confident by summer we’ll be well on our way towards herd immunity and increasing access.” (Early 2021)

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” (July 21, 2021)

“For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.” (Fall, 2021)

“I was in DC this weekend to support bodily sovereignty while Canadian truckers were rallying for their cross-country, peaceful convoy in support of the same thing,” Lilly said. “I believe nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything, against their will, under threat of: violent attack, arrest or detention without trial, loss of employment, homelessness, starvation, loss of education, alienation from loved ones, excommunication from society … under any threat whatsoever.”

“This is not the way,” the “Ant-Man” actress continued. “This is not safe. This is not healthy. This is not love. I understand the world is in fear, but I don’t believe that answering fear with force will fix our problems.”

Here is the original story in the Daily Wire

and just like that, Twitter explodes!

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Are We at the End of the Pandemic? By Joseph Mercola

Is the medical pandemic winding down? Perhaps. Is the fear mongering and power grabbing over? No way, not with the precedents that have been set the last two years. From Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

end of the pandemic

Story at-a-glance

  • Many health officials and world leaders are finally acknowledging that the COVID shots cannot end the pandemic and that we must learn to live with the virus. Some have even started speaking out against repeated boosters
  • A major driver for this U-turn in the pandemic narrative is the emergence of the Omicron variant. While incredibly infectious, it causes only mild cold symptoms in the vast majority of people; it’s ripping through populations, leaving natural herd immunity in its wake. As a result, many are now claiming the end of the pandemic is in sight
  • Nearly 100% of COVID cases in the Boston area are now Omicron. In New England, the current outbreak is predicted to rapidly wane and disappear during the month of February 2022. As of early January 2022, Omicron was responsible for about 73% of all COVID cases in the U.S.
  • After two years of repetitive fearmongering, most people have had enough. The general consensus appears to be that people are ready to brave life even if the threat of COVID remains
  • With that baseline of natural immunity that Omicron provides, populations will, going forward, be far better equipped to handle any new strains that emerge, without a significant increase in mortality

For nearly a year, experts have noted that the COVID shots cannot establish herd immunity to end the pandemic, as the gene transfer injections do not prevent infection or transmission.

It’s not rocket science, yet health officials and government leaders around the world have irrationally claimed otherwise, and censored any and all — regardless of credentials — who dared to suggest alternative approaches.

Now, all of a sudden, the narrative is rapidly changing, with loads of these same individuals — truthfully, if you can believe that — acknowledging that the COVID “vaccines” cannot end the pandemic and that we need to learn to live with the virus. Some have even started speaking out against repeated boosters, at least at intervals of three to four months.

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