EeeeeeeVeees Aren’t “Earth Friendly”, by Eric Peters

Eric Peters punctures The Grand Delusion. From Peters at

In the Department of there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, it is reported that in order to supply the raw materials needed to make batteries for EeeeeeeVeeeees, it will be necessary to break ground – literally – for 384 new graphite, cobalt and nickel mines.

Plus vast leach fields for the lithium.

That’s a lot of Earth Rape – in the name of “the environment.” 

Well, in the name of forestalling the “crisis” that is “imminent” on account of the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is carbon dioxide increasing by a fraction of that percent.

Of course, they don’t tell you that. About the 0.04 percent. Because they want you to believe it is a much larger percent. So as to make you afraid and thus amenable. Like “the cases” – as opposed to the deaths. (And the deaths . . . when it comes to the “vaccines.”)

They also don’t want you to know how much it will take to forestall a fractional increase in the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is carbon dioxide. As in how much it will take – from the Earth. 

Every EeeeeeeVeeeee battery requires an enormous quantity of the materials mentioned earlier – because it takes an enormous battery to power a single EeeeeeeVeeee. One that is about twenty times the weight (and size) of the automotive batteries most people are familiar with, the lead-acid ones that start the engines in non-electric cars. These are typically about 9 inches long and about the same inches wide and weigh around 50 pounds. A small EeeeeeeeVeeeee battery pack for a small EeeeeeeVeeee such as a Tesla Model 3 weighs around 1,000 pounds and is spread out over most of the length and width of the EeeeeeVeeeee’s floorpan.

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