Doug Casey on the World Economic Forum’s Plan for Mankind and What Comes Next

Doug Casey through all the World Economic Forum’s bullshit and clearly maps out what our overlords have in store for us. From Casey at

World Economic Forum

International Man: The World Economic Forum (WEF) describes its mission as the “international organization for public-private cooperation.”

What do you make of the WEF and the power it wields?

Doug Casey: “International organization for public-private cooperation” is a code phrase for economic fascism—which is to say, the hand-in-glove melding of the political power of the State with the economic power of corporations.

Things like the WEF, and other NGOs (non-governmental organizations), institutes, and think tanks, have proliferated in recent years. They’re almost all destructive parasites on productive society.

Almost all of them are leftist, statist, and collectivist in orientation. They’re typically populated by intellectuals and academics and funded by tax-exempt foundations, usually set up by elderly do-gooders interested in leaving a “legacy.”

The WEF is by far the most successful of the breed. Instead of just cadging donations so intellectuals could hang around and seem prestigious, in 1971, Klaus Schwab formed a club where the rich and powerful could discuss ideas with other members of the overlord class. Political and financial types could find a philosophical home, disguising the quest for money and power with a patina of benevolence. It’s become an amazingly large and powerful organization. They have roughly 800 full-time employees, most of them very highly paid. They have an annual budget of over $300 million. Their balance sheet indicates that the WEF is worth over $1 billion, funded by major corporations who give it millions of dollars, as do various governments. Most of the world’s political leaders and corporations are members.

Schwab was very clever to have put together an organization where the richest, most powerful, and most influential people in the world are charged huge amounts to be introduced to each other and talk about how they can become even richer, more powerful, and more influential.

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4 responses to “Doug Casey on the World Economic Forum’s Plan for Mankind and What Comes Next

  1. Bob:
    As usual, Casey “gets it!” There is one potential aspect of Schwabian narcissism however, that he dare not mention.

    As you likely understand, I subscribe to the tenet that one’s philosophy – together with the values derived from such philosophy, determine the course of one’s life. That one’s fundamental premises and the remorseless logic that flows therefrom, determine one’s values and the “future” that pursuit of said values rationally dictates.

    So too for a culture/society.

    Casey’s powerfully accurate description of Schwabist arrogance ignores one aspect that goes beyond just the Schwabian cabal’s wealthy elitism. He fails to mention the full expanse of logic that is set into motion from such philosophical egalitarianism.

    It is the aspect of such values that is driven by the idea (premise) that Man represents a threat to the Earth. That his technology and the numbers of human beings it makes possible to exist, are in the process of destroying “Mother Earth.” Paraphrasing Casey, that the Schwabers believe most humans are superfluous and “useless eaters,” who they (Schwabarians) wish to own nothing and be happy!

    Therefore, in the eyes of the Schwabble we are rabble. At best, we are irritating pests who ought be “sequestered” so as to allow those more able to exist, to be free from our annoying presence. The obvious question then becomes, if so, why should the rest of us even be allowed to exist?

    Well, there is little doubt that there is a “wing” of such philosophical evil that, with rational, logical, precision – and the certainty to which such a premise and logical precision leads, believe we should not!

    On 9/11, 2001, we all know the event that occurred. An almost “unthinkable” tactic of destruction was successfully employed by 20 arrogant religious zealots. Except, however,it had previously been “thinkable”

    In 1995, Tom Clancy published yet another of his best sellers, “Debt of Honor.” If you have read it, you know that an embittered wealthy Japanese businessman (“warrior”) commandeers a fuel laden 747 and crashes it into the United States Capital, decapitating the Federal Government paying, in his mind, a long overdue “debt.” Apparently, it was read by someone who thought the idea had “merit.”

    I urge all who may have read this thriller to also read Clancy’s “Rainbow Six,” published in 1998. Should you do so, consider then what we now know and continue to not know about Covid, “gain of function” research, and the premise that Man is destroying “Gaia” – through his knowledge and numbers.

    Is it not obvious to a mind that has embraced the abhorrent premise, that he is destroying the Earth, that he MUST be stopped? Stopped by whatever means necessary? After all, the noble “end” (preservation of Earth) justifies whatever moral “means” (mass “culling” of humanity), might be required.

    In closing I acknowledge that I am guilty of recognizing that “Schwabanoyia” leads to the conclusion that there are no logical bounds in the means such a mind will “morally” employ in pursuit of such a goal. Those harboring such a premise will passionagtely pursue the logical “end” without the slightest troubling of their conscience.

    It is virtually certain that there are minds who, lacking in the resources and “status” of the self-anointed elite, nonetheless wish to “help” in such a noble undertaking. Help whether they be thought of as part of the “intelligentsia,” or just in the employ of any of its evil social, educational, economic, or political manifestations.

    Schwab and his ilk but one manifestation.



    • Don’t forget that they’ll end up killing themselves. Suicide is the ultimate sub rosa motivation, per James Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. The deaths they want the most are their own.


  2. To someone who chooses to understand and acknowledge Rand’s irrefutable logic, the concluding “scene” in “Atlas Shrugged” to which you refer is an example of one of the greatest integrations of subject, plot, theme, and characterizations in all of literature!


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