The Age of Dangerous Charlatans, by Stephen Karganovic

Musk and Gates are emblematic of a class of billionaires who believe their wealth and presumed expertise entitles them to run everyone else’s life. From Stephen Karganovic at

After losing its moral and spiritual compass, Western humanity will be hard put to avoid ruin if it continues to follow the dangerous charlatans.

Elon Musk, the prominent enfant terrible of the globalist set, never ceases to astonish. At the recent G20 business forum in Indonesia, prompted by no apparent motive related to the gathering, he declared that “maybe we will find alien civilisations or discover civilisations that existed millions of years ago.” The bizarre announcement was delivered in a suitably mystical atmosphere, including an occult crystal bowl situated in the forefront, with Musk sitting in the dark, wearing a traditional Indonesian batik shirt and surrounded by candles as he offered a “vision” for the future that in addition to aliens also included deep tunnels and rocket tourism.

There is no record of anyone in attendance asking Musk the obvious question: what qualifies him to speculate on these subjects? There is meagre information about Musk’s education and accomplishments, if we exclude the widely known fact of his sudden, inexplicable, and spectacular enrichment, on a par with similar “success stories” involving the emergence of magnates “out-of-nowhere” in 1990s Russia.

The scant available biographical data about Musk include such titbits of budding genius as creating a video game at the tender age of 12. As for actual education, it is said that in 1997 Musk received bachelor’s degrees “in physics and economics” from the University of Pennsylvania. The eclectic scholar Musk subsequently enrolled at Stanford to pursue graduate studies in physics, which he abandoned after only two days in residence because “he felt that the Internet had much more potential to change society than work in physics.”

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