Tire Pollution . . . by Eric Peters

There’s yet another “crisis” out there, so of course the government has to step in and fix it. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

The authoritarians know the importance of never letting a crisis go to waste. It’s why there’s always another “crisis” – in air fingers quote marks to convey the unreality of most if not all of the “crisis” that are used as the excuse to rob us of our liberty or money and often both.

Here’s the next one – or at least one of them:

Tire Pollution.

It is asserted (it is always asserted when it comes to these “crisis”) that people’s health is harmed by the wearing-down of tires; that “particulate matter” is “emitted” and that it must be regulated, so as to protect people’s health. The big-name tire companies are all for these regulations because it means they’ll be able to charge people more money for “cleaner” tires and because it will make it that much harder for the smaller tire companies – which haven’t got comparable financial resources to manufacture “clean” tires – to compete with them. This latter being an example of regulatory capture – which advantages big companies that benefit from cost-adding regulations and for that reason not only don’t oppose new regulations but often advocate for them.

A prior example of this – one which set the precedent, really – was of course the so-called “passive restraint” regulation that went into effect back in the ’90s. It made it illegal for any major car manufacturer to offer for sale a car (or truck) not equipped with a “passive restraint” system. The regulations didn’t specifically say that air bags were the only way to meet the standard and some manufacturers met the standard via automated seat belts (some may recall) but, in the end, air bags became a de facto mandatory standard “feature” in all new mass-market cars (and trucks).

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