Doug Casey on Global Government vs. the People

Human’s concerns with their health has proven the perfect wedge for totalitarian controls. From Doug Casey at international

Global Government
International Man: During the Covid hysteria, almost every country had invasive entry or travel requirements associated with testing or vaccination status.

Canada, Australia, and some EU countries rolled out a vaccine passport.

What type of precedent did this set for international travel in the future?

Doug Casey: The disastrous COVID “pandemic” itself was highly suspicious. In fact, that’s a gross understatement; it’s beyond suspicious. From the very beginning, the responses of the “authorities” were orchestrated.

It appears to be a new type of flu. It’s often nasty but has always been greatly overrated—no worse than the Hong Kong flu, bird flu, Asian flu, swine flu, or many others. And not even remotely in the same league as the Spanish flu of 1918.

However, COVID was promoted to generate widespread fear, panic actually, and that was an excuse for unprecedented controls. People have forgotten that the average age of death of COVID decedents is 80—which is about when people die anyway. They’ve forgotten that the death rate for younger people was trivial, similar to that for recurring annual flus.

There was something unusually wicked going on here—in that most of the world’s governments got together and created a blackout surrounding the simple discussion of COVID and a blackout on the scientific investigation of cures. Worse, it was all done in the name of “the science.” Meanwhile, government bureaucrats and influencers worked to aggressively cancel all forms of discussion and actual scientific investigation regarding any aspects of the disease.

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One response to “Doug Casey on Global Government vs. the People

  1. Bob:

    One’s conscience. It represents the subconscious response to one’s consciously-held values. For example, someone whose vocation is that of a hit man, upon failing in his latest assignment, his conscience will “inform” him of the emotions rationally associated with failure. Never properly questioning the premise of the ethics of murder, he will remain rationally motivated to correct his failure while honing his skills for greater successes.
    Lessening the likelihood of experiencing those annoying failures, and the personal/professional losses that accompany them.

    This functioning of one aspect of human nature – i.e., the very physiology/psychology of the human brain, constitutes the brain’s
    “wiring.” This wiring, that enables the “programming” that we each have the power to “code” into our brain – however poorly or efficaciously, produces our values. The contents of our “soul.”

    Whether the “G20,” the “WEF,” or Rand’s “Friends of Global Progress,” in Atlas Shrugged, these organizations claim to be motivated to “save” us from ourselves and are acting “for our own good!” That premise, and its logical variants, believers have “wired” into their collective subconscious, and is the source of their socio/economic/political values!

    In that regard, Casey’s article has reminded me of one of my favorite quotations. It has to do with one’s conscience and tyranny. Though I am not religious, its author, CS Lewis, was perhaps one of the most powerful and “rational” voices on behalf of the Christian religion. I place rational in quotes because he accepted premises with which I disagree, but his logical reasoning proceeding from them were almost always flawlessly logical!

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. For those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    It is difficult to imagine anything of greater evil than destroying humanity (noun AND verb) in the name of saving it.



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