The Microwave You Drive? By Eric Peters

You will inevitably be bombarded by elecromagnetic frequency radiation every time you sit in an electric car. The potential risks and hazards remain unstudied. From Eric Perters at;

You may not listen to AM radio – which for the generations preceding the Millennials was what many of us listened to on lonesome road trips out in the sparsely populated areas of the country, where FM signals couldn’t reach but AM signals could.

But you might be interested in why AM is going away.

Well, it’s not actually going away. AM continues to broadcast. But a growing number of new cars cannot receive what is broadcast via AM.

Electric cars.

And electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning this writer just spent a week test driving (you can read more about that if you like, here). They have satellite radio and FM radio – but not AM radio. Their audio systems have had the capacity to receive AM signals deleted.

How come?

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