Justices Write Laws That Openly Discriminate Against Whites, by Jared Taylor

In Washington State, there is now a different standard of evidence admissibility for whites and nonwhites, and rulings can be thrown out by appellant judges who think the jurors’ verdict was affected by unconscious racial bias. From Jared Taylor at unz.com:

And no one is paying attention

There are nine justices on the Washington State Supreme Court. Only one is a white man.

There are, in various combinations, seven women, four non-whites, three Jews, two lesbians, a member of an Indian tribe, and a black immigrant from Trinidad. The chief justice is Hispanic.

This riot of diversity is handing down rulings that openly discriminate against white people. Last summer I did a video on its ruling in State v Sum, which explains that certain kinds of evidence can be used against a white criminal but must be thrown out if the criminal is non-white.

The race of the defendant is the only thing that matters. I know it sounds hard to believe, but watch my video or read the transcript. That ruling was written by Justice Mary Yu, the first Latina and first openly homosexual justice on the Washington State Supreme Court.

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