The “A-Word”, by Joel Bowman

Gosh, where would we be without government? A hell of a lot better off than we are now, that’s where. From Joel Bowman at

Counting the cost of the state… and imagining the alternative



Joel Bowman, from up in the cheap seats in Buenos Aires, Argentina…

They shed their sense of responsibility
Long ago, when they lost their votes, and the bribes; the mob
That used to grant power, high office, the legions, everything,
Curtails its desires, and reveals its anxiety for two things only,
Bread and circuses. 

~ Juvenal, Satire X

The news hit the wires like a dead frog landing in the bottom of an abandoned well. Down here on the Pampas, annual inflation accelerated “less than expected” for the month of November. According to government data, prices rose by only 92.4% from the same month a year ago. ¡Que quilombo!

Sure, prices are rising at the fastest rate in 30 years… in a country where high double-digit inflation is as common as Messi football jerseys in Qatar… but hey, it was mercifully lower than the 94.2% median experts had projected. Small victories, no? 

But currency collapse and economic crises can wait for mañana. Today is game day, after all… the final of the Copa Mundial (The Football/Soccer World Cup). Long ago did the poor Argentines lose faith in their votes… their bribes… their hack politicos. Now, in the 35th Year of Their Lord, Lionel Messi, the long-suffering mob place their faith instead in their beloved football team, the Albicelestes.

Facing the defending champions, France’s Les Bleus, the real world-weary Argentines dream of glory and fame on the pitch, of clenching “la tercera” (their third world title), and of waking up tomorrow in a world where rampant inflation is not the only thing in which they are #1.

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